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Award / Trophies Engraving in North Wales

From glass awards, crystal gifts, trophies and decanters through to wine glasses, high balls, presentation boxes and desktop gifts, Engraving By Dragoncraft are the specialists in reproducing logos and crests on to glass and crystal.
We can offer a vast range of engraved glass and crystal products due to having our own on site workshop and can cover everything from paperweights to high quality bespoke items.
Additionally, we offer a comprehensive design and layout service using the most up-to-date software and we do it all in-house; from the initial layout through to the final production.
Whatever your celebration; a wedding,christening, birthday, graduation or special achievement, every year we supply our happy customers with a wide range of pieces, pieces that continue to represent something special.
At Engraving By Dragoncraft we believe that details everything; if you visit our website you’ll see this in the various images of each of the products we provide. We source our crystal from all over the globe; from the UK’s and Europe’s finest manufacturers - take a look at our online catalogue today! If you have any questions about any of our products or service please get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to help.

Our Design Service

We offer a comprehensive design and layout service, using the latest software to ensure you get just the design you want. All of our In House Design work is done 'in-house' from the initial layouts through to the production of the completed design. We then go that step further and use the latest methods to produce all of the engraving patterns ourselves. This keeps your lead times, and most importantly, your costs down.
Keeping the whole design chain in-house means that we can keep complete control over the whole process. This means that you can see your design coming to life and that we can guarantee that you get exactly the design that you want.

A Word About Quality

Key to all of this is quality crystal, there's no point engraving first class artwork onto second class crystal! We are able to source crystal from all over the world Quality Control including some of the UK and Europe's finest manufacturers. In our catalogue area you'll find ranges from sources as diverse as the UK, Italy and Bohemia in the Czech republic.
As each piece is worked on individually by hand quality control is constant and ongoing, every piece being checked through the entire process. Don't forget though that many of the products we supply are hand made and may include slight inconsistencies in size and shape. They may also contain small air bubbles which are, in fact, the hallmark of a truly individual piece of hand made crystal. Engraving By Dragoncraft in Anglesey.

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